Simple Oral Hygiene Tips for Kds

Simple Oral Hygiene Tips for Kds

1. Sharing utensils with kids can lead to transfer of cavity causing germs to your child. Refrain from this activity.

2. Give your kids fluoridated water and healthy food. Decrease their intake of sugary snack, drinks and foods. Sugary and acidic drinks increase the chances of your kid getting cavity by eroding away the protective enamel layer of teeth.

3. Introduce Sippy cup and take away the bottle after consulting with your medical provider. Putting babies to bed with a bottle leads to constant supply of food to harmful bacteria living on teeth, which exponentially increases the risk of cavities.

4. Kid’s first dental visit should be no later than age 1 year old. Taking kids to see a dentist at an early age helps develop a familiarity with the dental environment. Regular dental visits should also be a priority.

5. Start brushing kid’s teeth with fluoridated toothpaste as soon as they start to erupt through the gums until they can brush by themselves. Monitor their brushing habits.

6. Dental sealants can be placed on biting surface of teeth to prevent cavities. Ask us about this service.

7. Kids should brush their teeth for 2 minutes and twice per day.